Kickboards for riding centres
Okoume - Poplar Kickboardr

Compliant with current regulations requiring riding centres to equip their facilities with wall protection.

Positioned above ground level for easy harrowing of the track.

Its curve provides a natural safety distance to the wall to ensure rider and horse safety.

Easy to install in just a few hours (1 to 2 days max.)


Composition: Combined okoume-poplar plywood

External veneers in okoume

- Visible face in premium okoume, with jointing and some knots accepted, with no mechanical defects

- Reverse face, unseen, in second-grade okoume, with some mechanical defects accepted

Interior veneers in poplar plywood

Class 2 adhesive in compliance with standard EN314, moisture-resistant and approved for interior use

Thickness: 26 mm

Width: 1100mm

3 heights :
Pony : 1050 mm
Standard : 1250mm
Maxi : 1400 mm

Machining & finishing

Angle cutting

Bias cutting for outward-opening doors

Seals to hide openings at the end of rows

Oak veneer

Class 2 adhesive: for non-sheltered external use

External use (class 3 adhesive)

Optional chamfering of right-angled edges

The advantages of wood : 

The product's long-term durability and aesthetic appeal.
Rot-proof and moisture-resistant.
Wood ages naturally.

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