Interior fittings

Kit & Folding Drawers

Kit & Folding Drawers on chipboard or MDF bases, wrapped in plastic film or paper according to our own colour charts at your disposal. Series production : 25,000


Chipboard or MDF

Height 250 mm max.

Standard thickness 12.5 mm

PVC, polypropylene and paper wrapping (various colours available as standard and on request)

Drawer bottoms

MDF : 1 solid colour or imitation wood grain face - th. 3 and 5 mm

Chipboard : 1 solid colour or imitation wood grain face - min th. 8 mm

Calendering width decorative paper on request

Each drawer + bottom set packaged in shrink-wrap

Machining & Finishing

Upper edges straight, rounded or with chamfered corners

Placement of dowels

Any desired holes and cut-outs

Slanted edges on ends for 45° joins and curved faces

Bottom grooves and runner grooves or machined for invisible runners

Assembled with dowels and/or eccentric cams (minifix or similar)

Option to machine angles other than 90°

Specific features

Various shapes from 1 to 7 sides in one piece

Parts can be joined together

Production of compartmented drawers

2070 mm-length panels for cutting

Minimum quantities for a drawer are 100: below this number costing is not accurate and does not reflect our actual production costs. Therefore we offer the alternative of lengths in sets of 50, 100 or in ½ pallets, i.e. 400 lengths.

Our "all-in-one" solution : The complete drawer, in kit form or assembled

Your drawer equipped with a bottom calendered with the same paper or film as the drawer.

Cross-pieces or separating pieces to partition the inside of the drawer.

Flat or mouled front with a laminated or lacquered coating.

Benefits: single subcontractor for easier purchasing, a single contact and reduced logistics costs and lead times.

Kit drawer & bottom

3-sided drawers

Rounded profile

Cross pieces

Standard machining for invisible runner


Rectangular notching

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