Composite flat boards
Unfinished MDF & Melamine Chipboard

Unfinished MDF

MDF is a medium and high-density fibreboard. It produced good results in the most demanding machining applications.

Its high density enables it to be used as a structural element with good holding for screws, nails and staples.

It makes an excellent base for all types of coating as an alternative to chipboard and beech plywood.

Areas of application

Suitable for all applications and industries


Standard sizes : 
min 2240 x 1220 mm
max 3660 x 210 mm

Standard thicknesses : min 10 x 30 mm

Technical data

Average density: 900 kg/m3

Thickness tolerance: ± 0.2%

Moisture: 7 % +/-3

Quality: class CARB 2 and E1

Formaldehyde emissions E1 compliant with standard

NF-EN 717.2: low formaldehyde content

Hardwearing and easy to machine

Dimensional stability length/width: ± 0.4%

Dimensional stability thickness: ± 6%

Flexural rigidity 30 N/Mm²

Modulus of elasticity in flexion: 2500 N/Mm²

Swelling after immersion in water: 10-17 %

Tensile strength: 1.2N/Mm²

Melamin chipboard

Chipboard is particleboard (untreated wood) coated in decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin.

Chipboard can be used untreated as a base for other surface coatings for specific workbenches.

It is lighter than MDF and beech plywood.

Areas of application

Institutions, education, services sector


Standard sizes : 1200/1500/1800/200 x 750 mm

Standard thicknesses: 28 / 35 mm

Technical data

Quality: EN 312/P2

Average density: 680kg/m3

Flatness: Standard EN 14323

Fire behaviour: Standard EN 13501-1

Formaldehyde emission: Standard EN 717-2 and EN 120

Resistant to water vapour, cigarette burns, impacts, scratches, stains, cracks and light (xenon arc lamp): Standard EN 14323

Low abrasion resistance

Very light-weight boards

Mechanically inert


Machined and drilled on 4-axis numerical control following plan

Placement of inserts

Tongue and groove joints optional


Veneered edges:

PVC, 2mm ABS

1 mm wooden edges, solid wood mouldings

Other options on request: paper, melamine, wood veneer

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