Know-how and Investment

Know-how and Investment

We are specialists when it comes to manufacturing wood-based technical components for furniture and interior fittings in the housing sector as well as for institutions, industrial furniture and recreation.

Thanks to our regular investment and automation programs, we have a complete set of machines at our disposal that enable us to manufacture parts of increasing technicality that meet our customers' specifications.

Our CAD Design and Development Department adapts to any and all bespoke requests.

Our numerical control machine tools allow us to produce high volumes while keeping a flexible and reactive structure for medium and small series.

Savoir-faire - Saônoise de Tiroirs et Contreplaqué


Rotary cutting

The logs are constantly moistened in our outdoor area, thereby making it possible to conserve the wood. Our two rotary cutting lines are then activated to peel the log into a continuous sheet of 1.2mm, 1.4mm or 2mm thickness which, once cut, will serve as a veneer for our products.


We have 2 coating lines for coating PVC, PP and paper on chipboard, MDF and natural woods. The variety of colours we offer enables you to coat your parts in line with market trends.


Our fleet of machines includes steam and high-frequency presses which are equipped with moulds to perform the shaping. We manufacture our own moulds so as to produce varied parts and to be able to adapt to your requests.


The ensuing veneers pass through a dryer with a drying capacity of 1 m3/h, which reduces the residual moisture content by 6 to 8% and makes the sheets ready to be pasted and pressed.


Our production unit makes it possible to perform the flat bonding of various coatings, from paper to thicker coating materials, on wooden materials for a flawless finish and an excellent bonding.


The parts are machined on modern numerical controlled 4- and 5-axis equipment to ensure the speed and quality of complex machining and drilling. Our machines can accommodate both flat and curved parts as well as large sizes.


The large panels are sawed into the various required sizes through our cut-optimisation programme. The losses are minimized and the production lines have a continuous supply.

Bonding / Plating

Before going under press, the veneers are covered with a layer of glue. We can handle both the flat and rounded / curved bonding of all types of wood and can even glue on decorative materials and finishes.

Lacquering / Varnishing

Our excellent command of the finishing requirements of "high-end" markets means that we are able to enhance our parts in our paint booths by applying high-gloss PU lacquers or acrylic varnishes and polyester finishes. Our colourless and tinted varnishes feature UV drying with 100% dried extracts, which reduces toxic substance emissions.

We put our know-how and our technical skills to work for our customers to come up with innovative solutions, driven by the desire to establish long-termpartnerships.

We are committed to the quality of our products and to meeting deadlines in order to provide you an efficient service.

The waste is then recovered to supply the boiler which provides the energy needed to operate our machines. This makes it possible to recycle 90% of unused wood and shavings and to respect the environment.

Saônoise de tiroirs et contreplaqué

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