Kickboards for riding centres
Water-repellent MDP Kickboard

MDF is a medium-density fibreboard. Its water-repellent treatment makes it resistant to atmospheric humidity and to occasional rain.

Like the combined okoume-poplar kickboard, it offers excellent resistance to kicks and impacts.


Composition: Water-repellent MDF

Thickness: 15 mm

Single width: 1000 mm

3 heights: 
Pony : 1050 mm
Standard : 1250 mm
Maxi : 1400 mm

Machining & Finishing

Corner cutting

Bias cutting for outward-opening doors

Optional chamfering of right-angled edges

Kickboard with cut-out for corners and doors

Seals to hide openings at the end of rows

Water-repellent PDF is a good entry-level alternative to the combined okoume-poplar kickboard. 

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