Composite flat boards
NR Cloth-printed rubber

NR natural rubber with woven appearance offers good resistance to both ageing and cold for general use in workshops.

It has the advantage of a structured which prevents slippage of parts on the work surface during handling.


Thickness: 3mm

Colour: black

Glued onto chipboard or MDF

Easy to cut

Edges veneered in black ABS: other colours available

Areas of application

Industrial environments

Technology sector

Electrotechnical workshops and engineering firms

Coatings for workbenches, cabinets and shelves

Specific features

Natural rubber for general use

2 faces with cloth impression

Excellent mechanical and dynamic properties

Resilience and elasticity

Temperature range: between -20°C and +70C°

Very good flexibility at low temperatures

Highly resistant to impacts, abrasions and friction

Good resistance to acids, diluted bases and solvents

Not recommended for use in areas where oils, grease, and other oil products are present

Technical data

NR elastomer

Density 1.45 kg/dm3 +/- 0.5

Hardness 60 DIDC + 5/- 4

Breaking strength > 4 MPa

Elongation at break > 250 %

Tear > 15 kg/cm

Usage temperature -20°C to +70°C

Resistance to cold -20°C

All our boards can be machined and drillad on NC. Edges are unfinished or veneered with PVC, ABS or wood.

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