Composite flat boards

Compact consists of many layers of paper soaked in thermosetting resins.

With its outstanding physical properties, compact is specifically designed for applications requiring excellent moisture resistance and for all types of mechanical constraints.

Compact surfaces are particularly well suited to soldering.


Single face: 2 to 3 mm thickness

Double face: 2 to 30mm thickness

Sizes: from 2440 x 14220 to 4300 x 1850 mm


Overlay: highly transparent paper, highly resistant to abrasion and scratching. Excellent colour fastness to light (only for printed decorations)

Decorative paper (non-chlorinated colours)

Kraft paper: generally brown

Options: Single or double face (two decorated faces)

Options: fire-resistant (CGF), black core, peelable protective film

Wide range of colours and textures

Specific feature

Homogeneous, inert and stable, very dense and non-porous.

Resistant to abrasion (>350), boiling water, dry heat (180C°/20 min) damp heat and steam

Does not melt or deform, low flammability

Resistant to impact from largediameter balls, microcracks, impacts and scratches

Resistant to stains, colour change with xenon light, and cigarette burns

Surface electrical resistance: CEI IEC 1340-4-1
antistatic 109

Good colour fastness to light

Food contact: compatible

Hygienic and easy to maintain

Cleaning: with hot water, steam, or using non-abrasive disinfectants (everyday household cleaning products)

Technical data

Application: Glued to beech plywood, chipboard and MDF

Composition: 70% paper and 30% thermosetting resins

Standard thickness: + 3 mm

Length and width tolerance: +/- 10 mm

Thickness tolerance: 2 to 30 mm

Edge tolerance: 1.5 mm/m

Squareness tolerance: 1.5 mm/m

Good dimensional stability

Pentachlorophenol (PCP): absent

Surface electrical resistance: 109Ω÷1012

Formaldehyde emission: EN 717-2

Fire reaction: M1

Smoke density: F1

Flatness: max 2 < t < 6: 8 mm/m
max 6 < t < 10 : 5mm/m
max 10 < t < 10 : 3mm/m

Areas of application

Public area, kitchens

Laboratories, sanitary facilities, hospitals

Edges: all our boards can be machined and edges can be veneered with PVC, ABS or wood

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