Composite flat boards
Linoleum: Marmoleum

Marmoleum linoleum is a hard, flexible product, designed and manufactured using 100% green electricity. It consists of linseed oil, natural resins, wood flour, pigments and mineral fillers. Its woven backing improves adhesion.

Lino is a natural, healthy and environmentally friendly flooring that complies with environmental charters. It is recommended in HEQ Environments.

Very easy to lay and maintain, it also comes in a wide range of designs with marbled base. 

Specific features

Surface treatment: Topshield 2 (ease of maintenance)

Resistant: to stains (products such as eosine, betadine, and products of chemical origin), cigarette burns, sliding friction, wear, and wheeled chairs

Resistant to abrasion, oil and solvents

Easy to maintain: apply a conventional detergent on a cloth (not straight onto the covering) and clean

Antibacterial, with excellent resistance to 0.08 mm indentation

Perfect dimensional stability

Areas of application

Hospital and similar buildings (treatment rooms)

Retirement homes and nursing homes (sanitary, treatment and technical areas),

Educational establishments (libraries and classrooms)

Civic and administrative buildings (museums and exhibition halls),

Hotel and leisure industries (bars, lobbies, restaurants)

Commercial buildings (food, multi-level shelving, cafeterias, specialist superstores, etc.)

Technical data

Glued to beech plywood, chipboard and MDF

Thickness: 2 to 3.5mm

Fire reaction: Cfl-s1
2006-CVB-R0396 (TNO)
(suits tthe regulation M3)

Thermal conductivity 0.17 W/ (m.K)

Thickness of the wear surface: 1 mm

Total mass per unit area: 2900g/m2

Flexibility: 30mm

Abrasion resistance: group P

All our boards can be machined and edges can be veneered: PVC, ABS, wood

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