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Seats, Backrests & Shells

We use veneers produced by peeling to manufacture our shells and trims, using steam or high-frequency presses. Our vanishing and high-gloss lacquering production line can produce a range of finishes on request.

Our products are designed for institutions, classrooms, performance halls, cinemas, lecture theatres and auditoriums, and for interior fittings and design.


Products manufactured in beech plywood up to 18 cm thickness

3 standard shell sizes: preschool, junior, adult

A range of moulds available

Option to machine a wide variety of shapes in small or large production runs

Machining & Finishing

Machined and drilled on 5-axis NC

Sanded faces, edges and right-angled edges

Placement of inserts

Clear or tinted varnish, or primer

Laminate coating

Custom trimming and hand-finishing

We manufacture all the wooden parts that make up your seat.

Manufacture of specific moulds.

Production of a Single High-Backrest Set, or Curved Double Triptych with armrest.

Saônoise de tiroirs et contreplaqué

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