Interior fittings

Profiles and cross-profiles

In addition to drawer aprons, La Saônoise also manufactures drawers cross-pieces and cross-profiles for lining and framing doors and furniture.


Standard Profile: 60 x 16 mm

Width up to 100/120 mm, standard thickness 12.5 mm

Standard profile in MDF, 16 and 19 mm thicknesses (optional 30 or 35 mm thicknesses)

Paper, PP, PVC and high-gloss PVC wrapping

Polyurethane adhesive: water-repellent properties

Solid wood profile

Areas of application

Cross-pieces for drawers and furniture

Bed frames, cabinet stiles

Profiles for furniture coverings and finishings: stiles, trims, plinthsw

Machining & Finishing

Grooves and cut-outs on request

Holes on ends and sides

Banding of unwrapped edges possible

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