Composite flat boards

A natural product providing an alternative to glasal and materials containing asbestos.

An attractive product with a smooth surface, offering very high resistance in multiple applications.


Consists of Portland cement, mineral fillers, and organic, natural and synthetic strengthening fibres

Pictura has a smooth, silky surface with “anti-graffiti” protection

A solid, rigid slab

Double-layer water-based acrylate dispersion with PU top coating UV hardened on the surface

Standard thickness: 8 to 12mm

Material size: 1250 x 3100 max.

Fixing methods: adhesive, rivets or screws (th. 8mm)

Available in several colours

Very attractive

Specific features

Good fire behaviour and sound-proofing

Resistant to temperature variations, water, and living organisms (bacteria, moulds, etc.)

Resistant to many chemicals

Resistant to claws, shock loading, and box cutters

Highly resistant to scratches (although they will be visible)

Anti-graffiti protection

Resistant to ball impact, steam, freezethaw, and drying out

Highly waterproof and dirt-resistant

Non-polluting, releases no toxic gases

Cleaning: with hot water, steam, or using non-abrasive disinfectants (household products)

Technical data

Application: glued to beech plywood, chipboard and MDF

Specific gravity in accordance with NF EN 12467: 1.65g/cm3

Density: 1.650kg/m3

Dimensional variation: < 1.8 mm/m (dry to saturated state)

Fire reaction: A2-s1, d0 (M0 = incombustible)

Resistance in flexion (NF EN 12467) : > 18 MPa

Modulus of elasticity in flexion > 15,000 N/mm²

Tension flexion failure: 26 N/mm² Hygric behaviour: 1 mm/m

Meets standard NF EN 12467: class 4 resistance – durability category A

Dimensional tolerances: Level I for cut and squared products

Level II for unfinished products

Thickness tolerance (after sawing): +/- 0.8 mm or +/- 1 mm depending on thickness

Width and length tolerance (after sawing): +/- 1.5mm

Areas of application

Industries in demanding environments with high fire risk

Where smooth, uniform appearance required

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