Composite flat boards
Linoleum: Bulletin Board

This natural linoleum covering is used for walls and panels. It consists of a linoleum paste calendered onto a jute base.

Linoleum is 100% recyclable, and recommended for HEQ Environments.

Its woven backing improves adhesion to its base.

Specific features

Resistant to chemicals in accordance with standard NF EN 423

Resistant to dilute acids, oils and solvents such as alcohol, white spirit, etc.

Abrasion resistance: Class M

Very low mineral filler content

Low resistance to the prolonged action of alkalis

Bacteriostatic properties

Clean with neutral detergents (PHneutral alkaline solution)

Areas of application

Workbenches for couture fashion workshops: Shape-memory materials leave no holes when pricked with needles

Display panels: suitable for drawing pins

Product primarily used in the services sector

Technical data

Thickness: 6mm

Roll width: 1220 and 1830mm

Roll length: 2800 mm approx.

Total mass per unit area: 5.4 kg/m² +/ 10 %

Flexibility in accordance with standard NF EN 435: diam. 70mm

We also have linoleum with higher classes of abrasion resistance such as class P Cosmo Linoleum, and class T Symbioz Linoleum.

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