Flat beech boards
Beech plywood Cheeseboards

Our beech plywood are manufactured from logs from our local area and are PEFC certified. They meet all technical and fond safety standards for use as followers in ripening cellars for dairies and more generally in agri-food industries.

Food-safe non-migrating adhesive, moisture resistant and compliant with current phytosanitary standards.

Type IW 67 for ripening (certified by national food industries association ANIA)

Type D4 for brining


Rectangular boards measuring 950 x 850 mm approx. and round boards ∅ 850 to 900 mm

Standard thickness: 19 mm +/- 0.5 mm (1.2 to 2 mm layers)

Standard composition all beech

Food-safe non-migrating adhesive

Quality: 2 unsanded, repaired BB faces

100 mm closed cracks, sound knots of max. 50 mm diameter

Machining & finishing

Non-chamfered right-angled edges

Edges and right-angled edges unsanded, with some honeycomb accepted (missing wood accepted)

Technical data of beech plywood

Average density: 730 kg/m3

Length / width tolerance: ± 1 mm

Adhesive used: food-safe nonmigrating adhesive

Residual moisture after drying: 8% ± 2%

Fire resistance if thickness > 9mm: M3

Flatness: 5 mm max. deviation per 2-metre length

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