Composite flat boards

Laminate is a coating made of decorative paper soaked in thermosetting resin of < 1 mm thickness.

It can also be used as a laminate backing on the lower face of our coated workbenches.

Description and specific features

Resistant to abrasion, boiling water, dry heat (180C°/20 min) and steam

Does not melt or deform, low flammability

Resistant to impact from small-diameter balls, microcracks and scratches

Resistant to stains, colour change with xenon light, and cigarette burns

Good colour fastness to light

Very hygienic, good resistance to household products

Compatible with food contact: European standard
ISO 846

Cleaning: with hot water, steam, or using non-abrasive disinfectants (household products)

Technical data

Thickness: 0.9 mm

Application: Glued to beech plywood, chipboard
and MDF

Thickness tolerance: 6 +/- 0.40 mm

Surface appearance of board: dots + linear fibres

Density: 1.40g/cm3

Thermal conductivity: 0.25 W/m K

Surface electric resistance: antistatic

Formaldehyde emission: < 0.4 mg/h m²

Pentachlorophenol (PCP): absent

Fire reaction: M1 or M2

Smoke density: F2

Areas of application

Institutions, education

Hospitals, pharmacies, operating theatres

Food preparation and cooking areas

Maniching & finishing

NC Cuting

Holes and placement of inserts

Edge veneering

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