Composite flat boards
Mipolam Elegance PVC

This is a compact single-layer homogeneous flexible PVC floor covering (without foam), in abrasion group P+, batch dyed, with decoration.

This floor covering meets the requirements of classification U4P3E2/3C2, and is NF / UPEC-Certified.

It contains no formaldehyde or heavy metals.

Specific features

Wear resistance: EN 660.2 : < 4.0 mm3 100% recyclable

Abrasion group: P+ (high resistance)

Resistant to chemicals

Fungistatic and bacteriostatic

Surface treatment: Evercare (stainproof)

UPEC classification: U4P3E2/3C2

NF UPEC Certification: 332-008.1

Not compatible with rubber

Cleaning: neutral detergent or white spirit (avoid “scotch brite”)


Total thickness: 2mm

Weight: 2980 g/m²

Board width: 200cm

Board length: 20 ml

Tile size: 608 x 608 mm

Dimensional stability EN 434: boards <0.4/tiles

Technical data

Light fastness: > 6 degrees

Residual static impression = 0.03 mm

Fire reaction: class Bfl-s1 class 1

Product standard/specification: EN 649 : European classification 34-43

Static electrical propensity: < 2 Kv (antistatic)

Thermal conductivity: 0.25 W/(m.K)

Area of application

Medium traffic areas
Edges: all our boards can be machined and edges can be veneered with PVC, ABS or wood

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